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Oh, Chinese food, how I have missed thee. Alright, that enough of that. But seriously, it has been a while since I have had greasy spoon style Chinese food. I don’t know about you, but I don’t count Hu Hot as a greasy spoon type place. Today’s lunch destination was Yen’s Chinese Buffet in Kimberly (in the Shopko parking lot) and as you can see, it was your typical Chinese buffet, filled with sodium and fried food (and soup!). 

Huge Buffet!

The place has a very large selection of food. There is one huge buffet against the wall that has nothing but mostly healthy food. Things such as salad, bananas with the strawberry goo, vegetables and a few types of sushi rolls. Today, I avoided this healthy food like the plague. I went straight for the egg drop soup, teryaki chicken, sauteed green beans, and sauteed mushrooms. The soup was hot and a pretty typical egg drop soup. The beans were oily and crispy at the same time, and not over seasoned. The peanut chicken was amazing! Most buffet food is usually average, but their peanut chicken won me over. 

They also had egg rolls, crab ragoon, chow mein, seafood hot dish (it sounds worse than it was) and ice cream, along with many other things. The place was dead for lunch and I am not quite sure why. The service was friendly and the buffet was full. It was a good, greasy Chinese buffet in the heart of Kimberly. 


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Yen’s Chinese Buffet
700 E. Maes Avenue 
Kimberly, WI 54136

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