Yen’s Chinese Buffet [Chinese Buffet]

Yen's Chinese Buffet

So I’ve been craving a “way too much food” style (Ha! As if there is anything such as “way too much” when it comes to Chinese food!) Chinese buffet since Monday night, when my hopes and dreams were dashed by not one, but two closed Chinese buffets (turns out Yen’s is closed on Monday). Instead, I ended up eating a rather dubious chicken soft taco at a nearby Mexican place. Thankfully, I finally got my cravings satisfied today at Yen’s Chinese Buffet.

Two Years, Two Visits

I had been to Yen’s just one time previously and that was probably a good two years ago. A friend of mine was a pretty avid cheerleader for Yen’s and finally convinced me to “cheat” on Min Du and give it a try. At the time, I was unimpressed. So unimpressed it took roughly two years for me to give Yen’s another shot. What brought me into Yen’s? Convenience, mostly. The Food in the Fox team happened to be driving by and was, as usual, hungry. 

So, did it get better?

Yes! Pretty much everything about this visit was better than the first. The place seemed cleaner, the service quicker, and most importantly the food was notches above where it had been earlier. I dare say it approached Min Du in quality and one of the things I’ve always said about Min Du is that their lack of selection was more than made up for with quality. As is pretty typical of Chinese buffets, Yen’s selection is huge. The mound of tasty calories you see on the plate below is just a fraction of what is available. On the plate is crab rangoon, teriyaki chicken, pepper chicken (a favorite), potatoes, mushrooms (stuffed and otherwise), green peppers, and more. Also available was peanut butter chicken, apple pie, cashew chicken, sushi, coconut chicken, sugared rolls, rice, pork, seafood dishes, and much more. Of course, there was also a rather large desert bar (pudding, fruit, almond cookies, etc.) and ice cream!

Thew few downsides were minor. The sweet and sour sauce tasted a little “ketchupy” to me, but my cohort thought it was fine. The sweet and sour chicken and the General Tso’s was heavily breaded, which isn’t too much of an obstacle. I also didn’t see any chopsticks. Chopsticks are not only fun to eat with, they slow me down a bit so I don’t overindulge. 

Two lunches with water came in at a bit over $13.00.

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Yen's Chinese Buffet


Yen’s Chinese Buffet
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