The Pancake Place [Apple Cinnamon Pancake]

The Pancake Place Apple Cinnamon Pancake

This is the third or fourth time Food in the Fox has visited The Pancake Place in Green Bay but oddly enough this is the first time we have written about it. I have a friend who recently described herself as a “pancake connoisseur.” Hopefully she sees this post and visits The Pancake Place, if she hasn’t already. I don’t think she would be disappointed. 

HUGE Pancakes With About 2000 Calories of Toppings

First off, pancakes have two sides. Shocking, I know. What you are seeing in the photo below is the rather unphotogenic side of the pancake in question. The other side was much more attractive, but since I’m dumb I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite out of it. On the other side of this 3/4″ thick pancake you can see the apples that are baked into it. Anyway, as you can see, the dang thing is slightly bigger than the plate it is on. How they can sell an apple cinnamon pancake with a full array of toppings for $2.80 (I kid you not) is beyond me. 

Speaking of toppings, if you noticed the cover photo of this post you will have seen a trio of high-calorie toppings. These toppings consisted of: strawberry, raspberry, and whipped butter. There was also a small, but adequate, container of syrup. So, apparently, it’s customary in Green Bay to top your giant pancake with an additional 2000 calories worth of toppings. And to think I was a little disappointed that my pancake didn’t come smothered in whipped cream. Anyway, as pancakes go, this one was pretty darned good. It was pancakey. Appley. Slices of apples. My pancake had slices of apples in it. That’s what I’m trying to get at.  On the downside, I didn’t taste much of the cinnamon. It mostly tasted like pancake with some occasional apple goodness mixed in. 

Other Menu Temptations

Other tempting pancake choices included banana nut, peach, Oreo, and many more. Even more very intriguing options included stuffed hashbrowns (they are totally obscene… I saw the gyro one a few weeks back and my cholesterol went up a few points just by looking at it), stuffed French toast, and various breakfast combos that also looked great. My Food in the Fox co-conspirator had a “Souper Salad” that consisted of a nice garden salad combined with chicken dumpling soup and a breadstick. Best of all she was asked, “How many breadsticks would you like?” My answer would have been, “All of them!” She controlled herself and said, “One will be fine.”

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The Pancake Place Apple Cinnamon Pancake


The Pancake Place
143 S Military Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54303

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