Pappa’s Cafe [Breakfast Burrito-Olé]

Pappa's Cafe

Pappa’s Cafe was the destination for this morning’s THRIVE Coffee, which is a casual early morning networking group that meets every Tuesday. This was the first time I visited Pappa’s Cafe and I must say there’s a fair bit more to it than what meets the eye from the road.

Don’t Judge A Dining Room By Its Cover 

This Neenah family-style restaurant is very easy to miss. In fact, of the six THRIVE’rs who came to coffee this morning exactly zero of them had been to Pappa’s Cafe (and that’s EXACTLY why we do THRIVE!). Like the others, I was surprised by the size of the interior. Driving by Pappa’s Cafe, it looks like it seats about 8 people maximum. Turns out, there is a proper dining room off to the side and an even larger one farther back.

Breakfast Burrito-Olé Stuffed With Hash Browns

The menu had a few interesting choices, including a “Garbage Plate” which I was tempted to order just so I could say it. However, I went with the Breakfast Burrito-Olé, which is “fluffy scrambled eggs in a tender flour tortilla with grilled onions, peppers, tomatoes, hash browns and salsa on the side, with choice of meat.” It also came with some sour cream. Seems simple enough, but I immediately noticed something a little unexpected when my breakfast was plunked down in front of me. The meat (in this case, ham) was on the side and the hash browns were rolled into the breakfast burrito. I had expected the opposite to be true.

As far as taste, everything was quite good, especially considering the fairly-sized burrito rang in at just $5.95. The tortilla was nice and soft and there wasn’t anything ‘juicy’ about the fillings, which is something I’ve encountered in the past elsewhere. Speaking of juicy, the ham wasn’t. From my point of view that’s no bad thing. I’ve always tended to prefer pretty much all meat except steak to be on the dryer side (dry smoked turkey… love it!). On the opposite side of the spectrum, my neighbor’s American fries and bacon looked like they had been made in a vat of 10W-40. 

Finally, the coffee was no Molly’s, but that didn’t stop me from having 3 or 4 cups. Overall not a bad breakfast.

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Pappa's Cafe Breakfast Burrito

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Pappa’s Cafe
1360 S. Commercial Street
Neenah, WI 54956

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