Tanner’s Grill & Bar [Oriental Chicken Salad]


Food in the Fox has been to Tanner’s once or twice, but if I have ever eaten  here I don’t remember it. Having heard good things about the food at least, we decided to make it the lunch destination of choice the other day and we’re very happy we did.

“Grill” Before the “Bar”, But Very Much a Bar

You may note that Tanner’s Grill & Bar puts the “grill” before the “bar.” Don’t get me wrong, Tanner’s is pretty much all bar and the very bar-like atmosphere combined with volley ball courts can mask the fact that Tanner’s tosses out some pretty darn good food. As you may expect, Tanner’s has all the bar staples: burgers, sandwiches, baskets, pizza, nachos, and more. But it also has fish, steaks, dinners, salads, wraps, and even a kid’s menu complete with mini corn dogs. 

Since I’m fat and as a bonus have no sense of adventure, I stayed true to my usual modus operandi and opted to go with a salad. A salad with chicken on it? Terribly out of the box for Food in the Fox, I know. Oh, but wait for it. This time I went with an Oriental Chicken Salad.

So, what’s on Tanner’s Oriental Chicken Salad?  It’s a simple combo of lettuce, snow peas, chow mein noodles, onions, and teriyaki chicken topped with thinly sliced almonds. On the side was a rather tasty breadstick and a small container of sesame dressing. Everything was fresh. Stuff that was supposed to be soft was nice and tender; everything that was supposed to be crunchy was crunchy. I did not use any of the sesame dressing, since to me it tasted like nothing other than plain old oil. I guess my sense of taste is just not that refined.

The price was about $8.00 for the “small” salad, which wasn’t all that small as you can see in the photo below. Take a look here for an opinion on the chicken fajitas served by Tanner’s (and the popcorn, which is perfectly buttery and salty).

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Tanner’s Grill & Bar
730 S. Railroad Street
Kimberly, WI 54136

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