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Nicolet Restaurant [Grilled Chicken Salad]

Nicolet Restaurant Grilled Chicken Salad

The last time we tried to find the Nicolet Restaurant we became directionally challenged, got lost, and gave up. That’s kind of saying something considering Nicolet is probably about one of the easiest restaurants to find in the grand metropolitan area of De Pere. However, the deities of direction were on our side today and we pulled into Nicolet’s parking lot after only a slight detour.

Should Have Ordered Something Hot

Not wanting round #443 of eggs and wheat toast (more about that later), the Food in the Fox team opted to go with a throwback to the earlier days of our blog … salads. Grilled chicken salads, to be exact. We got a little crazy and ordered separate kinds of dressing (raspberry vinaigrette for me while M went with traditional ranch) though, so our meals were not totally homogeneous.

So, what you see below is what you get. Two cups of dressing, a dish filled with some pretty good croutons, two slices of thick squishy buttered bread, and bowl full of everything you would come to expect from a diner-style salad: cheese, tomato, green peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, grilled chicken, etc. It also tasted like everything you would come to expect from a diner-style salad. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but I’m kind of thinking I may just be worn out on ‘standard issue’ salads when there are things like the Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple Salad available from places like WeatherVane for just a dollar or two more. Speaking of price, the total cost for the two salads came in at $14.75. 

Finally, the service was great. The waitress was prompt and friendly and everything about Nicolet was clean and tidy, which has kind of been a “thing” since our trip to Julie’s a couple months ago. The salad was also huge. It doesn’t really look all that large in the photo, but this is one of very few salads I could not finish.

Winter is Coming

Another factor in this morning’s dining experience was the weather. When we rolled into Nicolet at 8:45′ish it was rainy, cold, and pretty miserable … and what do we order? Cold salads and ice water. Some hot scrambled eggs with a side of wheat toast and some coffee might have really hit the spot. Ah well, plenty of cold, rainy, snowy days to come.

- T

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Nicolet Restaurant Grilled Chicken Salad


Nicolet Restaurant
525 Reid Street
De Pere, WI 54115

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Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern [Turkey Cobb Salad]


After the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and an after hours networking event, it was about that time to find something good to eat in Green Bay. As always, we asked for suggestions and decided on a place in De Pere. We sat down and briefly looked through the relatively small menu, and decided that there was nothing on the menu that looked particularly good. I have never ‘dined and dashed’, but this was the closest I have come to doing so. With our fresh glasses of water on the table, we let the host know we were leaving and he could clear our table and prepare it for new guests.

Great Big Blue Lit Trees

After some driving around we decided on a place another place in De Pere, Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern. Walking in, there was a large bar to the left side and large booths lining the right side of the tavern. There were also two ‘trees’ illuminated with bright blue lights located right next to the door (picture below), which I thought added a nice glow to the place. The large booths were also rather comfortable and the whole place had an old-time tavern feel to it. There were even old beer signs hanging here and there throughout the place.

Gumbo vs. Smoked Turkey Cobb Salad

The service was prompt and the menu was filled with tasty looking dinner options.  One that caught my eye was the Chicken and Andouille Sausage Gumbo which included chunks of chicken, Cajun sausage, celery, onion, green pepper cooked in a dark Roux and simmered with Nicky’s own Special Cajun Seasonings to form a thick Gumbo. The menu noted that this was a best seller. I can imagine as Gumbo isn’t quite as popular in the Fox Valley as say your typical Chicken Noodle. I decided on something a little less salty; a Turkey Cobb Salad without bacon and a side of ranch dressing.

The salad was topped with smoked turkey, red onion, tomatoes, and  hard-boiled eggs. It also came with a deliciously warm breadstick that, if had sugar on the outside, would have tasted just like a sugar donut. The salad looks huge, but it was mostly lettuce which wasn’t too disappointing because it was still good. I am not sure if it the ranch dressing was homemade, but it was a good topping to the fresh salad.

The $16 for two bill was acceptable and overall the atmosphere and food will bring me back to Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern. Check it out next time you are looking for tasty eats in the Green Bay area.


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Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern
331 Main Avenue
De Pere, WI 54115

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Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern [Grilled Chicken Caesar]

Nicky's Lionhead Tavern Grilled Chicken Caesar

Something weird happened Tuesday night. M and I finished up with work and began looking for a place to have dinner. Having heard about S.A.L.T. in De Pere we decided to give it a try. We took a seat and began perusing the menu … and nothing looked all that appetizing. I’m sure the food was great (S.A.L.T. came highly recommended), but for the first time since starting Food in the Fox neither of us found anything on the menu that jumped out at us. We politely excused ourselves and went looking for another option. We drove around for about 20 minutes and found ourselves … right next to S.A.L.T.. But this time we had spied Gyro Kabobs. As circumstance would have it, we never made it to Gyro Kabobs. Rather, we veered into Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern before making it the extra 20 or so feet that would have brought us to our original (that is, second) destination. Chances are if had we parked just five or six spaces down we would have ended the evening with gyros.

Great Atmosphere, Pretty Good Salad

Instead, we ended the evening with salads. First off, the interior of Nicky’s is outstanding. The ceilings must be a good 30 feet high, the entire place is loaded with woodwork and brick, and if you can score one of the booths along the wall you’ll get to dine in relative privacy. It’s also dark enough to be relaxing, but bright enough that you can see what you are eating. There was also an interestingly lit tree near the entrance that gave the place a nice touch of brightness in another wise monotone brown setting. Oh, and there was a Skittles machine near the door. How could you go wrong?

Nicky’s Tangy Homemade Caesar Dressing

My camera does not like dark places, so what you’re looking at below is an up close and personal with a grilled chicken Caesar salad. Before we continue, it’s trivia time. The Caesar is not named after Roman emperors,  but rather the inventor of the salad, Caesar Cardini. With that out of the way, I’ll get to the salad itself. As you can see, the salad was grilled chicken breast, lettuce, croutons, and some grated Parmesan cheese. As far as salads to, it was pretty good. It’s difficult to mess up some lettuce and chicken assuming the ingredients are fresh (which they were) and the portion of chicken was plenty generous given the size of the salad. 

The most interesting part of the meal might have been the Caesar dressing. Nicky’s bills its dressing as “our own Tangy Homemade Caesar Dressing” and I have to say this Caesar dressing was perhaps the most authentic tasting version I have had to date. There was even that slight hint of anchovy flavor that is typically missing from other Caesar dressings. 

One more thing. The breadstick that came with the meal? It sort of tasted like a donut. 

- T

Nicky's Lionshead Tavern & Grille on Urbanspoon

Nicky's Grilled Chicken Caesar


Nicky’s Lionhead Tavern
331 Main Ave
De Pere, WI 54115

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