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The Pancake Place [Apple Cinnamon Pancake]

The Pancake Place Apple Cinnamon Pancake

This is the third or fourth time Food in the Fox has visited The Pancake Place in Green Bay but oddly enough this is the first time we have written about it. I have a friend who recently described herself as a “pancake connoisseur.” Hopefully she sees this post and visits The Pancake Place, if she hasn’t already. I don’t think she would be disappointed. 

HUGE Pancakes With About 2000 Calories of Toppings

First off, pancakes have two sides. Shocking, I know. What you are seeing in the photo below is the rather unphotogenic side of the pancake in question. The other side was much more attractive, but since I’m dumb I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite out of it. On the other side of this 3/4″ thick pancake you can see the apples that are baked into it. Anyway, as you can see, the dang thing is slightly bigger than the plate it is on. How they can sell an apple cinnamon pancake with a full array of toppings for $2.80 (I kid you not) is beyond me. 

Speaking of toppings, if you noticed the cover photo of this post you will have seen a trio of high-calorie toppings. These toppings consisted of: strawberry, raspberry, and whipped butter. There was also a small, but adequate, container of syrup. So, apparently, it’s customary in Green Bay to top your giant pancake with an additional 2000 calories worth of toppings. And to think I was a little disappointed that my pancake didn’t come smothered in whipped cream. Anyway, as pancakes go, this one was pretty darned good. It was pancakey. Appley. Slices of apples. My pancake had slices of apples in it. That’s what I’m trying to get at.  On the downside, I didn’t taste much of the cinnamon. It mostly tasted like pancake with some occasional apple goodness mixed in. 

Other Menu Temptations

Other tempting pancake choices included banana nut, peach, Oreo, and many more. Even more very intriguing options included stuffed hashbrowns (they are totally obscene… I saw the gyro one a few weeks back and my cholesterol went up a few points just by looking at it), stuffed French toast, and various breakfast combos that also looked great. My Food in the Fox co-conspirator had a “Souper Salad” that consisted of a nice garden salad combined with chicken dumpling soup and a breadstick. Best of all she was asked, “How many breadsticks would you like?” My answer would have been, “All of them!” She controlled herself and said, “One will be fine.”

- T

Pancake Place on Urbanspoon

The Pancake Place Apple Cinnamon Pancake


The Pancake Place
143 S Military Ave.
Green Bay, WI 54303

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Grazies Italian Grill [Bruschetta Chicken Wrap]

Grazies Bruschetta Chicken Wrap

It was another productive morning up around Green Bay when the morning slowly faded into lunchtime. The Food in the Fox team had to be in Neenah early that afternoon so we decided to go with a place we knew would be reliable and quick. Grazies’ friendly staff even asks you when you sit down for lunch if you are pressed for time, which is kind of nice. They also trot out the dipping oil and bread without delay.

The Dipping Oil & Bread

This is my third time around at Grazies and as was the case with the first two trips, one of the highlights of the meal was the 14-spice signature dipping oil and the white bread that came with it. To quote myself from a post written back in — wow, time flies — January, “The bread is pretty damn good, but the dipping oil… oh boy. It alone is probably worth the trip. If you want to take a bottle home it’ll set you back $12.99.”

Bruschetta Chicken Wrap

Last time we visited Grazies I opted for another type of chicken wrap, and I’m going to have to go with saying I enjoyed that one much more than the bruschetta wrap I’m going to chat about here today. The bruschetta chicken wrap is pesto-grilled chicken breast with fresh tomatoes marinated in balsamic vinegar and spices, provolone cheese, crushed pesto croutons, and a Greek feta cheese dressing, all rolled into flatbread. That’s pretty much verbatim from the menu … which makes me wonder if anything can really be called “pretty much verbatim.” That random thought aside, I was a bit disappointed that the balsamic vinegar overpowered every other flavor in the wrap. The flatbread was a standard green tortilla, which was lackluster considering I ranted and raved about the wrapper last time out. Maybe it was psychological. I have been a bit turned off from green tortillas since a trip to Molly’s a while back. There is also some sort of dining trend where the tortilla is about the size of a garbage can lid. I usually end up tearing about half of it off and setting it aside, as was the case here. 

On the upside, everything seemed nice and fresh, service was quick, the bread and dipping oil flowed freely, lunch came in around $9.50, the coleslaw was tasty, and writing this point is giving me something to do on an otherwise uneventful Sunday evening while I wait for a chicken to finish roasting in the oven!

- T

Grazies Italian Grill on Urbanspoon

Grazies Bruschetta Chicken Wrap


Grazies Italian Grill
2851 S. Oneida St.
Green Bay, WI 54304

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Fajita Republic [Chicken Taco Salad]


Food in the Fox was in Green Bay on Friday and lunch was at Fajitia Republic, which is on the East side of Green Bay. I have heard many good things about this place and for some reason I thought it was a chain, like Burrachos or Chipolte. It was a full service restaurant and like any good Mexican restaurant, had complementary chips and salsa. There were also a couple of people having margaritas, which looked very good in comparison to my water. 

Festive & Colorful

The decor of the restaurant is very bright and festive. I wish I would have taken a picture. There was also Latin (Mexican?) music playing in the background to add to the overall Mexican like atmosphere. They had a full service bar with seating in the bar area and main dining room. Soon after sitting down, our server brought out chips and salsa. Let’s talk more about the salsa. It was amazing. Not too spicy, a bit on the runny side and it had a hint of a sweet flavor. Weird, maybe, but it was pretty spectacular. 

Chicken- What else?

After looking through the large menu, I noticed they had lunch specials from 11-2. The specials were pretty decent, with most of them being between 6-9 bucks. After eating my share of chips and salsa, I decided on going with the Chicken Taco Salad lunch special (I thought I would save on calories after inhaling a pound of tortilla chips). It came with black beans, corn, tomatoes grilled peppers and onions and queso cheese sprinkled on the top. The dressing was an avocado ranch and it was thick and creamy.

Overall, I was very impressed with the food. It was reasonably priced and flavorful. The small salad was filling and they brought out another bowl of chips and salsa after the first on disappeared. The service was okay. We were acknowledged, but the server forgot apply the coupon we told him about when we sat down. Either way, I will be back to the Republic of Fajitas. 


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Fajita Republic
850 Kepler Drive
Green Bay, WI 54311

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