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Tanner’s Grill & Bar [Oriental Chicken Salad]


Food in the Fox has been to Tanner’s once or twice, but if I have ever eaten  here I don’t remember it. Having heard good things about the food at least, we decided to make it the lunch destination of choice the other day and we’re very happy we did.

“Grill” Before the “Bar”, But Very Much a Bar

You may note that Tanner’s Grill & Bar puts the “grill” before the “bar.” Don’t get me wrong, Tanner’s is pretty much all bar and the very bar-like atmosphere combined with volley ball courts can mask the fact that Tanner’s tosses out some pretty darn good food. As you may expect, Tanner’s has all the bar staples: burgers, sandwiches, baskets, pizza, nachos, and more. But it also has fish, steaks, dinners, salads, wraps, and even a kid’s menu complete with mini corn dogs. 

Since I’m fat and as a bonus have no sense of adventure, I stayed true to my usual modus operandi and opted to go with a salad. A salad with chicken on it? Terribly out of the box for Food in the Fox, I know. Oh, but wait for it. This time I went with an Oriental Chicken Salad.

So, what’s on Tanner’s Oriental Chicken Salad?  It’s a simple combo of lettuce, snow peas, chow mein noodles, onions, and teriyaki chicken topped with thinly sliced almonds. On the side was a rather tasty breadstick and a small container of sesame dressing. Everything was fresh. Stuff that was supposed to be soft was nice and tender; everything that was supposed to be crunchy was crunchy. I did not use any of the sesame dressing, since to me it tasted like nothing other than plain old oil. I guess my sense of taste is just not that refined.

The price was about $8.00 for the “small” salad, which wasn’t all that small as you can see in the photo below. Take a look here for an opinion on the chicken fajitas served by Tanner’s (and the popcorn, which is perfectly buttery and salty).

- T

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Tanner’s Grill & Bar
730 S. Railroad Street
Kimberly, WI 54136

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Tanner’s Grill & Bar [Chicken Fajitas]


Located in Kimberly, this place is easy to forget about. Why? Well, it is off the beaten path (by beaten path, I mean not directly off of CE or Main Street in Kimberly). Tanner’s Grill & Bar is a local favorite throughout the year and it is especially a hot spot in the summer, as it is one of the only bars with a pool and indoor volleyball courts. Having only been there for drinks, Food In The Fox decided to give it a shot for lunch this week. 

Free (Delicious) Popcorn

First off, they had complementary popcorn at 11:30 AM. They scored some big points with me from the get go with that. The popcorn was salty, buttery and altogether unhealthy (but delicious). Anyways, the place was pretty busy at lunchtime. It was filled with blue collar and white collar people all of whom were mostly enjoying N/A beverages and snacking on popcorn while waiting for their food. Tuesday was Mexican day and they had a few really tempting specials. One of them was a 2 pound burrito for $8. Another was chicken fajitas for $8. Fajitas sounded too good to pass up.

Quick Service & Greasy Fajitas

The food didn’t take long to prepare and was on the table shortly after I managed to down a small bowl (or two) of popcorn. There was a large bowl filled with tomatoes, lettuce and cheddar cheese, a plate heaping with chicken, peppers and onions and a side of tortillas, sour cream and salsa. It was quite a large spread of food. The chicken and vegetable mix was cooked in a lot of oil and was a bit greasier than I would have liked. The vegetables were somewhat soggy and lacked flavor, as they tasted mostly of oil. The chicken was also a bit oily, but had more flavor than the vegetables. The fixings’ were average and after 2 fajitas, I was full (thanks mostly to the popcorn). The overall meal was average at best. 

I doubt I would order the  fajitas again, but I would definitely go back to Tanner’s for drinks and popcorn, as it is a fun atmosphere. 


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Tanners Grill & Bar
730 S Railroad St
Kimberly, WI 54136

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Molly’s Cafe & Catering [Denver Sandwich]

Molly's Cafe Denver Sandwich

It was way back in March when I last visited Molly’s Cafe & Catering as part of a THRIVE Coffee networking group. Today, it was pretty much sheer boredom that made me head out for an early breakfast. Technically, I was out for an early walk, but I wanted to kill a couple hours before the 9:00 AM opening of the Winter Farm Market at City Center. 

Smooth Coffee & A Homestyle Denver Sandwich

On my last visit, the breakfast wrap was decent, but the coffee was great. I’m happy to report that some seven months later the coffee is still great. I can’t even explain what makes Molly’s coffee so good. It’s pretty much just typical diner-style coffee (for a whole $1.25) but with a really nice smooth flavor to it. It’s a smidge better than the Walmart $3.18 per container stuff I’m drinking right now. As a bonus, both standard and French Vanilla creamers were on the table. Another nice touch is that the coffee mugs are big, at least the one I had was. The waitress doesn’t need to stop by every minute to fill it up.

From what I’ve seen of the food so far at Molly’s, it’s pretty much exactly the same was what you would make at home but better because you don’t actually have to go through the trouble of making it. The Denver Sandwich is two scrambled eggs loaded with ham, green peppers, onions, and cheese on your choice of bread. My particular choice this fine chilly morning was sourdough, but white, wheat, and rye are also offered. You get exactly what it says on the tin in a package that looks like mom could have made it.

On top of everything the service was very friendly and quick. Final cost? $6.83 with tax. 

Denver Sandwich History Lesson

On a side note, I was curious as to whether the Denver Sandwich was really invented in Denver (I will not be fooled again like I was with “German” Chocolate Cake). According to our friend Wikipedia, the Denver sandwich was claimed to have been invented by “… Denver restaurateur Albert A. McVittie in 1907 as well as M. D. Looney, of Denver, in the same year. It has also been claimed that the ‘Denver sandwich’ was invented at Denver’s Taber Hotel but mentions of it in newspapers predate all these claimants.”

- T

Molly's Cafe and Catering on Urbanspoon

Molly's Cafe Denver Sandwich


Molly’s Cafe & Catering
700 Schelfhout Lane
Kimberly, WI 54136

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