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Sammy’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant [Shrimp & Avocado Salad]


Yesterday Food in the Fox left Appleton and traveled north to Green Bay. We have yet to have a bad eating experience in Green Bay and this time it was no different. With no specific destination in mind, we took Oneida Street up from Highway 41 and decided to stop and try a random place. Well, we drove past Sammy’s Pizza & Restaurant, and the sign out from said Avocado and Shrimp Salad. That caught my attention because I was in the mood for some kind of seafood. Well, we turned around and as we did we drove past a large SUV filled with large men in Packers jerseys. I just so happen to noticed they pulled into Ray Nitchke field. Yup, a couple cheese heads heading to early season practice. 

Italian Spices & Food

Walking into Sammy’s immediately noticed the smell of oregano and other Italian spices. It was pretty incredible and made me even hungrier. The place was almost empty except for one other table when we walked in, but as time went on, people began to funnel in. Looking through the menu, I noticed bruschetta, which if you have not gathered, is a Food in the Fox favorite. The menu had many typical Italian dishes such as pastas and pizza and a large selection of soups and salads. Everything was reasonably priced and looked pretty tasty. I decided to go with the special that was on the sign out front, the Avocado and Shrimp salad. Oh, and we HAD to order bruschetta as well.

Veggie & Shrimp Buffet on a Plate

As you can see below, the bruschetta consisted of slices of lightly toasted Italian bread with chopped tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil drizzled with our balsamic vinaigrette. It was good, but the Italian bread was a little too toasted, by that I mean it was hard to cut through with a knife. The balsamic vinagrette was good, but not quite as good as The Remedy in Two Rivers. I would give it a 3.5/5 on the bruschetta scale.  When the salad arrived at the table, it looked more like a small buffet. Lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, hard boiled egg and shrimp with a separate plate for salad dressing and a (deep fried?) breadstick. Everything on the salad was pretty good, except for the avocado, which was a bit over ripe and mushy. The homemade vinaigrette dressing was very good and tasted somewhat like spaghetti sauce minus the tomato, if you can imagine that. 

Overall, a good experience. I will be back. Oh, and for you Packer fans out there, Sammy’s is right down the road from Lambeau and will let you tailgate in the parking lot before and after the games (for a price of course).

 - M

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Sammy’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant
2161 S Oneida Street
Green Bay, WI 54304

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5th Quarter [BBQ Chicken Pizza]

5th Quarter BBQ Chicken Pizza

Is eating at 3:30′ish considered a late lunch or an early dinner? Either way, while knocking out some work at 5th Quarter in Little Chute, Food in the Fox decided to liven things up a bit with a pizza. The pizza of choice was the BBQ chicken pizza as seen below. Of course a 9″ wouldn’t quite do the trick, so we opted to go with a 12″. Needless to say, the 12″ pizza didn’t survive all that long once it hit the table. 

Don’t Upset the Pizza Etiquette Gods

I used to be violently opposed to thin pizza crust and still prefer thick crust. Seriously, just slice open a loaf of bread and dump the pizza toppings inside and I’m golden. However, I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of a thinner crust. I’ve learned that it’s possible to make a fairly low calorie pizza (daresay even a healthy pizza) at home using cracker-thin crust and select toppings. Buuuuuut… that’s definitely not what we’re talking about today. Today we got and ooey gooey oil baked combination of BBQ sauce, chicken, cheese, and more. My careful and scientific calculations put the calorie count at exactly 1,693.7 calories per bite, but the margin of error on those calculations may be somewhere around 99.4%.

The upside? It was good! For whatever reason, the 5th Quarter’s BBQ chicken pizza hit the spot. There may have been a little bit too much BBQ sauce on the pizza, but that didn’t stop the whole thing from disappearing into thin air after a few shakes of the parmesan cheese shaker. We David Copperfield’ed that thing like pros (I totally stole that line from M).  

On a side note, I was also reprimanded for picking the chicken off the last slice on the pan rather than just eating the entire piece, so I made amends with the all-powerful pizza etiquette gods and ate it.

- T

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5th Quarter BBQ Chicken Pizza


5th Quarter
2101 American Drive
Little Chute, WI 54140

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Pizza King [Chicken & Mozzerlla Salad]


THRIVE Lunch was on the east side of Appleton on Monday at Pizza King. To my surprise, they had a large menu that included many things outside of plain old pizza. Also, the place was actually pretty large, which I wouldn’t have thought from looking at the outside of the building on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Meade Street. It is right across from Appleton Paper, which is a huge building. I knew it was large, but while eating lunch, I got a better idea of the mass of big red building. The pizza place also had rooms to rent out for specials occasions such as birthday parties.

Salads, Wraps, Sandwiches & Pizza

We arrived at the joint at around 11:00 and we were the first THRIVE goers to show up, which was a bit of a shock, because lately we show up at around 11:30 and people are already finished with their  lunch and heading out the door. Anyways, they had a large menu hanging from the ceiling and it was a bit confusing, but the lady behind the counter made sure to answer any questions we had. Turns out there are were many options to choose from and they could all be made into a sandwich, salad or wrap. There was also a rather large pizza menu that was reasonably priced. A small (8 inch) chicken bruschetta pizza was only $5.50 and the salad I ordered, which included chicken, mozzarella, and my choice of veggies came to right around $6.

Fat Free Dressing Is the Devil

The salad was delivered to the table by a friendly staff member and it was a pretty massive salad for $6. For no additional cost I could add vegetables, so I decided on tomato, onion, sprouts, green pepper, and black olives alongside the lettuce, chicken, and mozzarella cheese. I also decided on fat free ranch dressing, which was terrible. I know better than to order fat free dressings, but it has been awhile, so decided to give it a try. It was absolutely as bad as I remember. It tasted like chemicals and pepper. Not exactly what I like to put on top of my salads, but luckily I didn’t put much on it. Anyways, the place was decent, but I don’t think I would go out of my way to eat here again.


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Pizza King
800 Wisconsin Ave
Appleton, Wisconsin 54911

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