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Island Sushi Buffet [Lunch Sushi Buffet]


It has been a while since Food In The Fox has had sushi and I bet you are just as sad as I am, looking through all the recent salads that have been on the menu. Well, Jet’s Sushi recently switched owners (and names) and we decided to give it a whirl, after hearing many good things about it. Island Sushi Buffet is the newest sushi establishment within the Darboy city limits.

Same Atomospher, Larger Selection

The place looks pretty much the same, with a few minor updates, such as new sushi boats and a few new coats of paint here and there. They even have a few of the same staff members. What did change, was the food selection. There was a much wider variety of food (above and beyond sushi), such as deep fried bananas, cheesecake ragoon, deep fried mushrooms, and other pastry like deserts. I love sushi, but gladly welcomed the new selection of items passing me by on the small boats. I must say while the overall selection was awesome, the sushi was somewhat blan. It all kind of tasted the same. Maybe we were just there at an off time?

Deep Fried-afied

This place may be the place to come when you are craving deep fried fair like food. I do not know what I enjoyed more; the deep fried green beans, deep fried bananas or deep fried mushrooms. They were all delicious! And the nice thing about it is that each serving size is relatively small, so you don’t have to feel too bad about eating the calorie laden morsels. 

Friendly Atomsphere

The new sushi chef was very friendly as well. She was making small talk with everyone while rolling the sushi and explaining some of the food items. The other staff members were constantly bringing items out of the kitchen to place on the small boats. And the price? $12.99 for the lunch buffet. This seems about right, considering it is AYCE.

Go check it out and let me know your thoughts!




Island Sushi Buffet
N162 Eisenhower Dr.
Appleton, WI 54915

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Teriyaki Express [California Rolls]


It has been a while since Food In The Fox has had sushi, so that’s what was decided on for lunch on Wednesday. Now, usually when in Darboy, Jet Sushi is the go to sushi place, but today we decided to try something a bit different. Teriyaki Express is right off of Calumet Street and seemed like a good choice for a quick, reasonably priced lunch. Be careful, this place is hard to miss as it is tucked in a strip mall next to Edward Jones and Pizza King. 

Sushi & Typical Chinese Dishes

The place was clean and empty when we walked in at right around 11:00. Everything they make is from scratch, or should I say, prepared right in front of you on a grill top. They have about 10 different types of sushi rolls to choose from and about 5 or 6 other plates, including teriyaki chicken. Prices for rolls range from about $5.00 to $7.00 depending on what you order. I decided to go with the California Rolls, which are avocado, crab, and cucumber wrapped inside seaweed with white rice on the outside. 

California Rolls on Styrofoam

It didn’t take long for them to prepare the rolls, and as you can see by the picture, they were served on a lovely styrofoam plate. There was a packed of soy sauce, a blob of wasabi, and some ginger on the side as well. Despite the somewhat poor presentation, the rolls were absolutely delicious. The avocado was not too hard or mushy and the wasabi had the right amount of heat to make me easily finish a large glass of water while eating the rolls. They were satisfying and with tax, came in at about $5.50, which is a pretty good deal for fresh sushi. 

- M

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Teriyaki Express
1717 E Calumet Street
Appleton, WI ‎54915

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Teriyaki Express [Teriyaki Chicken Rolls]

Teriyaki Express Teriyaki Chicken Rolls

I’m a very recent sushi convert. I never bothered to try sushi in any serious way up until about a year and a half ago. It also ‘forced’ me to finally learn how to use chopsticks. Now it’s one of those things where I’m eager to try more and more until I find out exactly what I like best. So far, I’m a pretty big fan of anything with shrimp, salmon, cream cheese, and/or avocado in it. Today, in an effort to broaden my sushi horizons, I opted for the Teriyaki Chicken Rolls. 

Fresh Teriyaki’fied Chicken Sushi Rolls

Sushi seems to come in two basic varieties: awesome and … not so awesome. Fortunately, Teriyaki Express is very far on the awesome side of the spectrum. Perhaps the best thing about Teriyaki Express is that the rolls are made fresh when ordered. While you can stuff your face indefinitely at any one of several sushi buffets in the area (a couple of which are quite good), it’s hard to beat freshly prepared “fast food” sushi from Teriyaki Express. As mentioned, I opted for the Teriyaki Chicken Rolls. You get a dozen of ‘em for about $6.80, which is cheaper than grocery store sushi and a whole lot fresher.

The Teriyaki Chicken Rolls are as pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. They rolls consist of hearty chunks of teriyaki’fied chicken wrapped in white rice and seaweed along with cucumber and a drizzling of a sweet teriyaki sauce. That’s about all there is to them. I struggled a little bit with the chopsticks since the sushi rolls kept falling apart. Perhaps the only disappointment is that I really like ginger with my sushi and there wasn’t much of it. There was plenty of wasabi, though. 

The dining room is a little spartan, but clean and quiet and you can watch the chef prepare the rolls behind the counter. Service was good, the food is good, and the price is right. Everything is served on disposable plates and cups, which as my partner pointed out makes it feel a little bit like a sushi picnic. 

- T

Teriyaki Express on Urbanspoon

Teriyaki Express Teriyaki Chicken Rolls


Teriyaki Express
1717 E. Calumet Street
Appleton, WI ‎54915

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