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Serious Burger [Grilled Chicken Sandwich]

Serious Burger Grilled Chicken Sandwich

I was under the impression that Serious Burger over by the mall in Grand Chute was a franchise. The logo looks corporate. The menu is focused. The interior is trendy and slick in that bland sort of way.  It looks, feels, and tastes like a franchise. So, franchise? Nope. Turns out, Serious Burger is local. 

Not Feeling All That Serious About Serious Burger

I was happy to see that Serious Burger had a couple of non-burger alternatives on the menu. These alternatives included a portabella sandwich and grilled/crispy chicken sandwiches. I opted for the grilled chicken sandwich, which rings in at $6.49 with no sides items or drink. After ordering, we were given a number and went and sat down at our table, where we waited just shy of what felt like forever for our lunch to arrive. Going in we knew speed wasn’t the name of the game at Serious Burger, so that’s not too big of a thing.


The presentation of the chicken sandwich when it did arrive was kind of neat. It was served on a small wooden cutting board with a knife stabbed through the top of the sandwich. Unfortunately, the grilled chicken sandwich was small, sloppy, and didn’t taste like anything other than the condiments that were slathered on it. The only time I noticed the chicken is when I bit into some nodule that was hard and … chewy. I’m hoping it was a chunk of cartilage. The bread was good, though.

Other than the presentation of the sandwich, there wasn’t much about Serious Burger that stood out. As mentioned, the decor was trendy, slick, and bland with goofy signs on the wall a la every generic franchise restaurant ever. Also, the space Serious Burger occupies is long and narrow with doors on both ends. This created a wind tunnel effect that is probably refreshing in the summer but made the place freezing now that we are in the middle of winter.

The verdict? I feel like Serious Burger has earned its 58% Urbanspoon rating and I highly doubt I’ll be back. It’s a nice concept, but it just feels too much like a generic franchise and if I’m going to head to a franchise for a burger or sandwich, it’ll probably be to Fuddruckers. Serious Burger is also seriously expensive. If you sat down for a full meal with a burger ($6.99), fries ($2.39), and drink ($2.39) you are looking at almost $12.00 and the prices just go up from there. Ouch. 

- T

Serious Burger on Urbanspoon

Serious Burger Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Serious Burger
4353 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Appleton, WI 54913

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Hollander’s [Deep Fried Chicken Sandwich]

Hollander's Deep Fried Chicken Sandwich Basket

Hollander’s was a pretty regular lunch destination in a former life, but it has been over a year since the Food in the Fox team has visited this sizable pub. A popular lunch destination, Hollander’s tends to be understaffed and over-patronized when it comes lunchtime, so get there a bit early or a bit late, as your preference dictates. 

Two Words: Deep. Fried.

There are two words you don’t usually see used together here in Food in the Fox, but here we are with three recent reviews featuring deep fried lunchtime specials. The first was The Grog, which featured a steak sandwich and an impressive pile of crisscut fries. Now we have two new reviews of deep fried chicken sandwiches, which also come stacked with fries and coleslaw.

I was this |-| close to ordering something somewhat healthy at Hollander’s, but the table tent caught my eye with its ridiculously good sounding specials. You can get either a 1/3lb. cheeseburger, a deep fried haddock sandwich, or a deep fried chicken sandwich complete with fries and coleslaw for $5.00. Alternatively, you can also get a large 1 topping pizza for $10.00. If it happens to be Sunday (which it wasn’t), you can get a 4 piece chicken plate served with mashed potatoes n’ gravy or fries n’ coleslaw for $6.00. Hard to beat those specials as long as you are not too worried about calories, sodium, or cholesterol. 

$5.00 Unhealthy Lunch Just Too Tempting

Obviously, on this particular day that Holy Trinity of healthiness went right out the window. The $5.00 price tag won me over. So, what do you get for $5.00? A slab of deep fried chicken breast on a crusty roll slathered in mayo with some lettuce, two pickle chips on the side, a small tub of coleslaw, and pretty decent helping of French fries. Best part? Everything tasted exactly as it should have given that we were in a small town pub and paid what we did. I did scrape some of the mayo off (my tribute to the calorie gods), but otherwise had few reservations about eating every other scrap of food found in this little plastic basket.

My only complaint is that the place was woefully understaffed for the lunchtime rush, which filled almost every chair in the building. Not the first time we’ve seen this.

- T

Hollander's on Urbanspoon

Hollander's Deep Fried Chicken Sandwich Basket


Hollander’s Pub & Grill
1820 E Main Street
Little Chute, WI 54140


Pappa’s Cafe [Breakfast Burrito-Olé]

Pappa's Cafe

Pappa’s Cafe was the destination for this morning’s THRIVE Coffee, which is a casual early morning networking group that meets every Tuesday. This was the first time I visited Pappa’s Cafe and I must say there’s a fair bit more to it than what meets the eye from the road.

Don’t Judge A Dining Room By Its Cover 

This Neenah family-style restaurant is very easy to miss. In fact, of the six THRIVE’rs who came to coffee this morning exactly zero of them had been to Pappa’s Cafe (and that’s EXACTLY why we do THRIVE!). Like the others, I was surprised by the size of the interior. Driving by Pappa’s Cafe, it looks like it seats about 8 people maximum. Turns out, there is a proper dining room off to the side and an even larger one farther back.

Breakfast Burrito-Olé Stuffed With Hash Browns

The menu had a few interesting choices, including a “Garbage Plate” which I was tempted to order just so I could say it. However, I went with the Breakfast Burrito-Olé, which is “fluffy scrambled eggs in a tender flour tortilla with grilled onions, peppers, tomatoes, hash browns and salsa on the side, with choice of meat.” It also came with some sour cream. Seems simple enough, but I immediately noticed something a little unexpected when my breakfast was plunked down in front of me. The meat (in this case, ham) was on the side and the hash browns were rolled into the breakfast burrito. I had expected the opposite to be true.

As far as taste, everything was quite good, especially considering the fairly-sized burrito rang in at just $5.95. The tortilla was nice and soft and there wasn’t anything ‘juicy’ about the fillings, which is something I’ve encountered in the past elsewhere. Speaking of juicy, the ham wasn’t. From my point of view that’s no bad thing. I’ve always tended to prefer pretty much all meat except steak to be on the dryer side (dry smoked turkey… love it!). On the opposite side of the spectrum, my neighbor’s American fries and bacon looked like they had been made in a vat of 10W-40. 

Finally, the coffee was no Molly’s, but that didn’t stop me from having 3 or 4 cups. Overall not a bad breakfast.

- T

Pappa's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Pappa's Cafe Inside

Pappa's Cafe Breakfast Burrito

Pappa's Cafe Menu


Pappa’s Cafe
1360 S. Commercial Street
Neenah, WI 54956

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